The Who
9 August 1969
9th National Jazz-Pop Ballads and Blues Festival
Plumpton Racecourse

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2) AIFF (xACT)>speed corrected to 94% ("Live at Leeds" used as reference), gaps and glitches removed, retracked (Peak v4.0)>SBE correction (xACT)>FLac (xACT)

Length: 17.23m

01 Heaven and Hell
02 Can’t Explain
03 Fortune Teller
04 Intro to Tommy
05 It’s a Boy
06 1921
07 Amazing Journey (cuts).

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Sound Quality: A good audience recording, but only of the first part of the show.

Details: A short, incomplete recording from the festival, but the sound is clear. The playing is of the usual caliber for this period and Townshend’s introduction to Tommy includes a few humorous wisecracks. I’m not sure if any more of this show was recorded, but a more complete recording supposedly includes ‘Pinball Wizard,’ ‘Substitute,’ ‘Summertime Blues,’ ‘Shakin' All Over,’ and ‘My Generation.’