TITLE: Closer To Queen Mary Remastered
DATE: December 10th, 1971
VENUE: Civic Arena
LOCATION: Long Beach, CA
ARTWORK: Included (Taken from the Killing Floor commercial release, "Closer To Queen Mary" , slightly altered for jewel case printing)



1. I Can't Explain
2. Substitute
3. Summertime Blues
4. My Wife
5. Baba O' Riley
6. Bargain
7. Behind Blue Eyes
8. Won't Get Fooled Again
9. Baby Don't You Do It

TIME: 1:04.45


1. Magic Bus
2. Overture
3. Amazing Journey
4. Sparks
5. Pinball Wizard
6. See Me, Feel Me
7. My Generation
8. Naked Eye

TIME: 1:00.09

TOTAL RUNTIME: 2hrs 4mins 54secs

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Here's a legendary Who show that contains the famous berating that Townshend gave the audience after Summertime Blues when the wild L.A. crowd wouldn't shuddap. This is classic Who and successfully reinforces the love/hate relationship that seemed to exist between The Who and their fans. The anger and pure terror in Townshend's voice (which does seem to quieten the audience a bit) only adds to the intensity of the show. As is known, The Who seem to play better when they're angry. This show is no exception! Apart from being a great performance, this has to be one of the better, if not the best, audience recordings from the '71 tour. There's very little distortion (even though the band was said to have been incredibly loud), the sound is well balanced, all instruments can be heard clearly, and there is very little crowd noise. Perhaps the overall volume of the performance drowned out even the audience next to the recording equipment and actually improved the sound. In remastering this recording, I simply boosted a few frequencies here and there, mostly adding a few highs to brighten up the recording. The last few tracks on disc 2 seem to sound slightly different from the rest of the recording. The taper seems to have shut off his recorder at a few points and turned it back on just before the last couple of songs started. You'll notice this on the last couple of tracks as the sound fades out and in between tracks. The only real problem with these few tracks is for some reason the vocals have a very bassy, boomy presence and at times seem to distort the recording equipment as they are significantly louder than the rest of the instruments. I have cut these strange boosts and attempted to match them to the rest of the corresponding tracks as closely as possible. This may be nit-picking, as the tracks affected by this vocal effect anomaly still sound great given the age and source of the recording. Overall, the recording now sounds crisper and much livelier, indeed an improvement upon the previously available versions of the show. I really cannot take much credit for this though, given how fantastic the source was and how little work it really took to give this recording the boost it needed to really shine. Long live rock and enjoy the show!

upped by: theface07