The Acoustic Coffeehouse
Nederland Co

SBD recording

whole show with Benny Galloway, guitar and vocals

thanks to Montana Bob Troutman for the seed.


this is a historic find. The earliest 2 set full Yonder show known
to circulate. i've had a 1 disc version
(which consisted of set one plus some filler) for a long time, but here is the
full show in all its glory for the first time.
this is the period when Yonder still had their day jobs, and were some months
away from playing outside of Colorado for the first time. Very few original
songs, mostly bluegrass standards and a whole bunch of lovely Burle tunes.
This show demonstrates how important Burle was to the band's development ;
after a chance meeting at a festival campfire pick, Burle took the boys
under his wing (Burle was much better known locally at this time than Yonder
were) and gave them songs that would stay part of their repetoire to this day
(many of which would turn up on the album Old Hands some 6 years later).
This is a very different and more traditional Yonder. Jeff's singing
on Dawns Early Light (one of only three Yonder originals here, along with
Adam's Left Me in a Hole and High on a Hilltop, which Dave and Jeff wrote
back in Bluegrasshole days, if i'm not mistaken) is simply beautiful - theres no
other word for it.

A piece of Yonder history and a must have.

Disc One
Set One

I'll Never Love ANybody But You
Saro Jane
Big Mon
Blue Ridge Cabin Home
To Say Goodbye, To Be Forgiven +
Eli Renfro
Shenandoah Valley Waltz +
Freeborn Man +
Band intros by Burle
High on a Hilltop

Disc two
set 2

Ramblin Boy +
Years With Rose +
Har Far I'd Fall For You +
Sleepy Cowboy +
Blue CVollar Blues +
You Left Me In A Hole
Believe It > +
Dawns Early Light >
Over the Waterfall
Alone and Blue +
Freight Train +
Paddy on the Turnpike
Wind in the Willows +
Whitehouse Blues
Raleigh and Spencer
I'll Stay Around

+ Burle on lead vocals

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