Yonder Mountain String Band
May 9, 2006 (Tues.)
Bart's CD Cellar
Boulder, CO

Source: Neumann AK40 > LC3 > KM100 (XY ~2 ft. from the band) > V3 (optical out) > Nomad JB3 @ 44.1 khz
Transfer: Nomad JB3 > PC (via firewire) > CD Wave > FLAC16
Taped, transferred, and converted by Phil Rollins (philrollins AT hotmail DOT com)

*******Do not encode to MP3 or sell this recording*******
*******Please contact me if you are going to do any remastering of this

CD Release Party
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Set I
Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Sidewalk Stars
3. East Nashville Easter
4. ow Bout You?
5. Night Out
6. Angel
7. Classic Situation
8. Wind's On Fire
9. Troubled Mind
10. Pan American
11. Holdin'

A YonderTaper Production - "Broadcasting in the Highest of Fidelity"
Single mic show
Thanks to Chris Arne for use of the V3.