Yonder Mountain String Band
Port O' Call
Salt lake City, Utah

Source: ADK TL 51's(din)>UA-5>NJB3
Transfer: JB3>USB>wave lab 5.0>FLAC Frontend
Taped and Transfered:Sean Wentland (slightlys)

Set 1:
If Loving You Is Killing Me,
Darkness & Light,
Country Boy Rock & Roll,
Think For Yourself,
Too Late Now,
A Father's Arms,
Easy As Pie,
8 Cylinders,
Troubled Mind,
Years With Rose>
No Expectation

Set 2:
Free To Run>
Train Bound For Gloryland,
Mossy Cow, Idaho,
Ain't Been Myself In Years,
Damned If The Right One Didn't Go Wrong,
Crow Black Chicken>
Midwest Gospel Radio>
East Nashville Easter,
Sharecropper's Son,
At The End Of The Day,
It's All Too Much>
Peace Of Mind>
Peace Of Mind>
Bolton Stretch

Rambler's Anthem,
Tear Down The Grand Ole Opry