The Wetlands Preserve
New York City

SBD recording, taper unknown

Excellent soundboard. You can still hear some crowd
noise due to the cramped stage set up at the Wetlands,
so it actually sounds more like a matric even tho it isnt.
Acoustic encores are actually the recording from the stage mics,
boosted. Somewhat faint, but listenable.

Another milestone - my first home town Yonder show. There was a
small but enthusiastic crowd at the legendary Wetlands, and if
memory serves the Boys rolled in late (hence the really short,
tho finely played, first set). They made up for it during the second set
with a terrific Oklahomah sandwich and a blistering Peace of Mind
that really goes "out there". One thing that stands out in my mind
is that they started After Midnight EXACTLY at midnight. I asked Jeff
after how he managed that and he just grinned and said 'trade secret".

Disc 1

Set One

01 New Horizons
02 Easy As Pie
03 My Gal
04 Steam Powered Aeroplane
05 Idaho
06 Freeborn Man >
Wheel Hoss >
Freeborn Man
07 Country Boy Rock and Roll
08 Hit Parade of Love

Set Two

09 Oklahomah >
After Midnite >
Boatman >

disc 2

set two cont

01 Brown Mountain Lights
02 Dont Let Your Deal Go Down
03 Roughneck Blues
04 Jesus on the Mainline
05 Elzics Farewell
06 Peace of Mind
07 Granny Wontcha Smoke Some ?
ENC (unplugged)
08 Roll On Blues
09 Crazy Train

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Brought to you by project 2001