Oskar Bkues Bar
Lyons, CO

SOundboard recording

SBD > ? > Wav > EAC > Flac

there is some static during set 2, i tried scrubbing but it didnt
help, so i presume this is from the original recording and must
originate from the soundboard feed. Its only really noticable in
a couple of spots and doesnt spoil the enjoyment of this fine show.
Only known recording, hardly ever circulated.

thanks to Bob Troutman for the seed.

An excellent show with several guests, the highlight is set 2's
monster 29 minute segue. highly recommended.

disc one


Blue Ridge Cabin Home
I'll Never Love anybody But You

Set one

???? (another of those no-longer-played instrumentals i cant place)
If You're Ever In Oklahoma
Jesus On The Mainline
Ramblin' In The Rambler >
Louie Louie tease >
Ramblin' In The Rambler
Steam Powered Aeroplane
Katy Hill
On The Run >
High Cross Junction >
On The Run
Granny Won't You Smoke Some Marijuana?
Halfmoon Rising
Hit Parade Of Love

Disc Two
set two

Little Maggie# >
Wheel Hoss# >
Little Maggie#
Leaving #
Deep Elem Blues #
Shenandoah Valley Breakdown #&
Traffic Jam #& >
After Midnight#& >
Traffic Jam #& >
Owner Of A Lonely Heart(tease) #& >
In A Gada Da Vida tease # % >
Traffic Jam#&
Mollie and Tenbrooks %
My Walkin' Shoes %,

# With Adam from Smokin' Grass.
& With Ed from Runaway Truck Ramp.
% With Jeff Hamer from The Single Malt Band

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