Avalon Ballroom (probably FM sourced)

Here is another Youngbloods show to complement Dave's nice post of their Aug 72 show a few days back. This might be a reseed, but I have yet to see it appear here on DIME (last 7 months). I grabbed this from one of the newsgroups some time ago, and all I have from it are the flac files (I don't recall any additional files being posted outside of the flacs). I put together an info file with the setlist, everything else is as I grabbed it from the newsgroup.

I believe this is an FM sourced recording, but have no known lineage to go with these files. The sound is quite good, and it is an enjoyable listen. A sample is posted below.

Set list:

1. Ride The Wind
2. Sugar Babe
3. Four in the Morning
4. Too Much Monkey Business
5. Banana's Tune
6. The Dolphins
7. The Wine Song
8. Darkness, Darkness
9. Beautiful