The Youngbloods
Pacific High Studios-KSAN
5 December 1971
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1 Six Days on the Road
2 Country Home
3 Wouldn't It Be Funny
4 Let the Good Times Roll
5 I'm a Hog For You Baby
6 Instrumental
7 Misty Roses
8 Dreamboat
9 Driftin' and Driftin'
10 T-Bone Shuffle
11 Banjo Solo
12 Old Dan Tucker
13 Circus Face
14 Kind Hearted Woman

1 Donna
2 Willie and the Hand Jive
3 Living in the USA
4 Hippie From Olima
5 You Can't Catch Me
6 Instrumental
7 Reason to Believe
8 Josieanne
9 Before the Sun Goes Down
10 Instrumental
11 Beautiful
12 Get Together

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