Zappa plays Zappa - 2006 05 30
Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, BE

Taped by: Unimuta
Seeded on by Ingmar (2006 06 29)

recorded by UniMuta on sony minidisc MZ-R37 / bandridge MSX 500 microphone -> SoundBlaster Audigy 2ZS soundcard -> harddisc
-> 'CDWave' -> wav -> 'dBpowerAMP' -> FLAC -> dime -> you

I received this from the taper, and with his permission, I'm uploading this for you all to enjoy. I hope y'all do :-).
While the audio quality is far from bad, there are, imho, better sounding ZpZ on dime already. This sounds a bit distant to my ears. Unfortunately I wasn't at the show myself, but I was told the sound wasn't all too great to begin with. I just listened the whole show through, and apart from the sound quality, this recording is absolutely free of flaws of any kind.
Nevertheless, I find this enjoyable listening, and it is a nice show.

You can find a short video snippet of this show here:

01 Intro
02 Help, I'm A Rock
03 Hungry Freaks Daddy
04 Let's Make The Water Turn Black
05 Florentine Pogen
06 Pygmy Twylyte
07 The Idiot Bastard Son
08 Cheepnis
09 King Kong
10 Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
11 St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast
12 Father O'Blivion
13 Inca Roads
14 Intermission
15 I'm So Cute
16 Trying To Grow A Chin
17 City of Tiny Lights
18 Punky's Whips
19 Black Page Story
20 Black Page #1
21 Black Page #2
22 Peaches En Regalia
23 Montana
24 Village Of The Sun
25 Echidna's Arf (Of You)
26 Zomby Woof
27 Sofa #2
28 Encore
29 Camarillo Brillo
30 Son Of Orange County
31 Trouble Every Day
32 A Token Of My Extreme

Dweezil Zappa - Guitar
Joe Travers - Drums
Sheila Gonzalez - sax, flute, keyboards, vocals
Aaron Arntz - Keyboards
Jaime Kime - Rhythm Guitar
Pete Griffin - Bass
Billy Hulting - percussion

Special Guests:
Napoleon Murphy Brock : Vocals
Steve Vai : Guitar
Terry Bozzio : Drums and vocals

I hope I didn't screw up, if I did, I'll try to fix it asap.