Zenith Paris, France, June 5th 2006

MD>WAV>Audacity>Flac Frontend level 8

Intro: The ROXY DVD: Montana and Dupree’s Paradise

Disc 1 68'49
01 Imaginary Diseases
02 Hungry Freaks Daddy
03 Let’s Make the Water turn Black
04 DZ Speech Bonsoir
05 Florentine Pogen
06 Pygmy Twylite
07 The Idiot Bastard Son
08 Cheepnis
09 DZ Speech King Kong Intro
10 King Kong
11 Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow
12 St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast[
13 ]St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast
14 Father O'Blivion
15 Applause
16 Inca Roads

Disc 2 40'34
01 DZ Speech Terry Bozio Intro
02 I’m So Cute
03 Tryin’ To Grow A Chin
04 City of Tiny Lites
05 Punky’s Whips
06 DZ Speech Black Page Intro
07 The Black Page (drums)
08 The Black Page (Band)
09 Applause
10 Peaches En Regalia

Disc 3 58'09
01 Montana
02 Village of the Sun
03 Echnida’s Arf (of You)/Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing
04 Applause - Intro Zombie Woof
05 Zomby Woof [2.53.577]
06 Applause (Rumble)
07 Chunga's Revenge (FZ on Screen)
08 Applause
09 Camarillo Brillo
10 The Orange County Lumber Truck
11 More Trouble Every Day
12 A Token Of His Extreme

I got the raw material from a trade (thanks David D) in form of 3 WAV files, and made the tracks with Audacity.
No effects or filters or anything applied.

Unfortunatly, there are some missing parts :(
- Cut in middle of St Alphonzo's (we miss the terrific percussion frenzy) :
Since there is no way to close the gap, I left 2 tracks so you can burn it your way.

- Cut in middle of Zomby Woof (2.53.577)
Making one part of the two was admissible, you can hear the cut at 2.53.577. I made no other adjustment than append the 2nd part to the first with Cooledit.

Hope that someday we'll find a filler (or a whole new taping)
Un clin d'oeil pour ceux qui y étaient et bonne découverte à ceux qui n'y étaient pas.
Thanks again DaviD D for taping this ;-)