Zappa Plays Zappa Providence Performing Arts Center
Providence RI 10-25-2006
Source: SonyECM-907>SharpMD-MT20>wav>shn

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Dweezil Zappa - guitar, vocals
Napoleon Murphy Brock - vocals,flute & sax
Pete Griffin - bass
Jamie Kime - guitar
Joe Travers - drums
Aaron Arntz - keyboards
Sheila Gonzales - keyboards, sax and vocal
Billy Hulting - percussion
Terry Bozzio - drums, vocals
Steve Vai - guitar

disc 1
101 andy
102 call any vegetable
103 tell me you love me
104 who are the brain police?
105 can't afford no shoes
106 willie the pimp (emasculated)
107 pygmy twylyght
108 idiot bastard son
109 cheepnis
110 i am the slime
111 pound for a brown
112 don't eat the yellow snow / st. alphonzo's pancake breakfast / father o'blivion
113 inca roads

disc 2
201 (enter Terry Bozzio) i'm so cute
202 trying to grow a chin
203 advance romance
204 punky's whips
205 black page #1 (enter Steve Vai) black page #2 (exit Bozzio)
206 peaches en regalia
207 montana
208 village of the sun
209 echidna's arf
210 zombie woof (exit Vai)

disc 3
301 black napkins
302 the torture never stops

303 quick orange county lumber truck, oh no riffs
(enter Vai, Bozzio) more trouble every day tush tush tush
304 token of my extreme band intros
305 regyptian strut

Some notes: Recorded L/C, row C. About 10 feet in front of Steve & Napoleon.
Very loud! The sound was excellent but as you can hear Dweezils guitars
are quiet much of the concert!
Missed Dweezil talking & some crowd before encore... He spoke about
the amount of before curfue. What was recorded was edited in on disc 3, track 2
Sorry about the tracking on disc 3, track 3. There is no fade between discs 2 and 3
Thanks to folks at for setlist!