The Stone
San Francisco, California

Opening for Kingfish, this show was right before Martin joined the band

Source: Nak 700>D-5 cass master>DAT. Recorded by Bob Menke
Thanks to Dr. Bob for the Dat

Transfer: Tascam DA-20> HHB 850> CDRW>EAC>Cool Edit Pro>CD WAV>SHN
Transfered by Sean Hawkins:

Notes: Boosted levels and applied fades to beginning and end of set

One Set Only (TRT 63:27)
01 Baby, Baby
02 Tear Tags
03 Tangled Hangers
04 Higher Ground
05 Smells Like Girls
06 Severe Tire Damage
07 Let's Get it On
08 Straight Jackets
09 Try a Little Tenderness