I recorded this show with TCD5M and Nakimichi 700's
Taped dead center right in front of soundboard which helped reduce
wind as the day progressed. Metal master>aif audio>flac

Ranch Rock 86 Festival
Pyramid Lake, Nixon, Nevada
Sunday, September 7, 1986

Disc 1:


John Cipollina - guitar
Steve Kimock -guitar
Martin Fierro - sax
Lowell Levinger (Banana) - keyboards
Bobby Vega -bass
Greg Anton - drums
*Gregory Elmore
+Wavy Gravy, David Tennenbaum, Frank Winnomucca

Times are approx.
Wavy Gravy Intro
1 Baby, I Love You (9:51)
2 Tangled Hangers (6:31)
3 Higher Ground (10:13)
4 *Tear Tags off Mattresses (11:17)
5 Little Wing (4:17)
6 Straight Jackets (11:57)
7 +Golden Road (9:54)

Thanks to Stu for songlist