Zero - 10/08/88 (Sat)
Chi Chi Club - San Francisco, CA

on stage mics->Marantz 3-head cassette deck
(Denon HD tapes)

xfer via Denon DRM-550(cassette masters)->
Sony PCM-R500->SEK'D Prodif Plus->
Samplitude Project->CDWav->FLAC frontend->flac

Set I
d1t01: Rigor Mortis
d1t02: Riding With The King
d1t03: Many Rivers To Cross
d1t04: Tear Tags Off Mattresses
d1t05: Try A Little Tenderness
d1t06: Tongue 'n' Groove
d1t07: A Little Wind A Little Water
Set II
d2t01: Severe Tire Damage
d2t02: Baby Baby->Jam->Baby Baby
d2t03: The Core*
d2t04: As The Years Go Passing By*
d2t05: Gregg's Eggs
d2t06: Little Wing
d3t01: Super Sonic Transport
d3t02: Chain Of Fools*
d3t03: Higher & Higher*

Lineup: Steve Kimock (guitar), Ho Kim (guitar),
Martin Fierro (tenor saxaphone), Hadi Al-Saadoon (tpt),
Banana (keyboards and vocals), John Kahn (bass),
Greg Anton (drums), Anna Rizzo* (vocals)

Notes: beginning of Rigor Mortis cut
very end of Tear Tags Off Mattresses cut
tape flip during Gregg's Eggs