Zero - Ranch Rock, Pyramid Lake, Nevada,
September 7th 1986

1. Baby Baby
2. Tangled Hangers
3. Higher Ground *
4. Tear Tags Off Mattresses
5. Little Wing
6. Straight Jackets
7. Golden Road **

steve kimock, john cipollina, bobby vega, greg anton,
banana, martin fierro.
* greg elmore on drums
** with wavy gravy, david tennenbaum & frank vinnemucca

third step of festival of 5.

Master reel to reel > behringer pro equalizer > tascam cd b. > cd >
wav > flac

Notes :
Problem Child Played Later In the Day, Kimock played with Zero and
Kingfish, John Cipollina played with all bands, Bobby Vega played
with Mickey Hart and Robert Hunter