Beach near Royal Waikaloan - Kona, HI

Taped By Robert Wagner
Transfered by Quincy McCrary
Source: {onstage} Nak 700's > Sony D5M as mic preamp > D7/Clone
Transfer: Tascam DA-20>HHB Burnit830>EAC>Plex8/4/32>SHN

d1t1.Cole's Law >
d1t2.Tangled Hangers,
d1t3.Roll Me Over,
d1t4.La Fiesta,
d1t5.Sitting On Top Of The World,
d2t1.Highway 61 Revisited
d2t2.Chain of Fools*,
d2t3.Baby Baby,
d2t4.Jump Back >
d2t5.Out in the Woods,
d3t2.Papa was a Rolling Stone,
d3t3.Listen Here,
d3t4.E: Mercury Blues

Comment: *Anna Rizzo on vocals.