Tower Theater
San Francisco, CA

Set 1
Rigor Mortis>
Greggs Eggs>
Papa Was A Rolling Stone>
Greggs Eggs
Friday's Child
End Of The World Blues
Golden Road
Into The Mystic
Highway 61 Revisited

Set 2
Mercury Blues
Listen Here
Home On The Range

Source: Stage mic: Crown SASS P Mk 2 stereo PZM (pressure zone microphone). House mics: Crown CM-700 cardioid condensers, 1 ea. per PA main.Mixer: Shure FP-42.A to D converter: Apogee MiniMe.Tape deck: Tascam DA-P1
Lineage: Tascam DA-20>M-AudioAudiophile24/96>desktop>Samplitude7.0>wav>shntool>CDR/MKW.
Taped by: Bob Cogswell
Transfered by: Bob Cogswell