Denver, CO
March 9, 2006(Thursday)

Source: (fob-discoball)dpa4023>v3>jb3

Set 1
d01t01 Coles Law 25:55
d01t02 Tangled Hangers 16:11
d01t03 Catalina 13:11
d01t04 Listen To Her 17:12
Total time: 72:28

d02t01 Girls Drums 8:40
d02t02 Ermolina 12:17

Set 2 _ _
d02t03 Sun Sun 16:59
d02t04 Watch The River Flow 10:37
d02t05 No Woman No Cry 9:03
Total time: 57:37

d03t01 Merles Boogie 13:36
d03t02 Drums 7:20
d03t03 Willing 5:24
d03t04 Mercury Blues 12:38

d03t05 Sleepwalk 3:20
d03t06 Anorexia 11:05
Total time: 53:23

The Band Was:

Steve Kimock Guitar
Greg Anton Drums
Martin Fierro Sax
Pete Sears Keys
Liam Hanrahan Bass
Judge Murphy Vocals
John Morgan Kimock Drums
Arnie Green Guitar/Vocals

House Sound: Howard Danchik
Stage Sound: Brian Abrahmson

Thanx to Charlie and Ariel

Tapers: Alan, maury and Scottsch(in spirit)