Notes from the Zero II show at The Mystic Theater Nov. 4, 2005, Petaluma CA
Recording gear used:
Stage mic: Crown SASS P Mk 2 stereo condenser PZM (pressure zone microphone).
PA mics: Crown CM-700 cardioid condensers, one each per PA main (PA in stereo).
Mixer: Shure FP-42 powering the cardioids.
Recording device: Sound Devices 744T.
Resolution: 24-bit, 48 kHz.
The PZM ran through the 744T mic preamp, the cards ran through the Shure FP-42.
Transfer: Copy & paste the files (in Broadcast pcm format) to external storage,
mix the 4 tracks in Audacity and save as a stereo windows wav file in 24/48.
All final editing, tracking, fading, nomalization, edits and dithering
and downsampling in Samplitude 7.2.

Recording & post production by Bob Cogswell,
FOH engineer: Howard Danchik

Guitar: Futoshi Morioka
Bass guitar: Liam Hanrahan
Keyboards: Melvin Seals
Saxophone: Martin Fiero
Drums: Greg Anton
Vocals: Judge Murphy
Vocals: Miss Loretta

Tear Tags>
Horses (judge)
Chance In A Million (Judge)
Golden Road
Forever Is Nowhere (Miss Loretta)
Me And The Devil (Melvin)
Catalina (Judge)

End Of The World Blues (Judge)
Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Judge)
Greggs Eggs
Years To Come (Miss Loretta)
Home On The Range (Judge)
Highway 61 (Judge)
Little Wing

This show was a sort of a bust out for this line-up. Futoshi's playing on this gig
broke new ground for him, in my opinion. It had been a long time since I had seen him
play. Not since Gregg's Egg's (roughly 2 years ago) in fact. He has been playing a
blues gig since then, and his playing on EOWB shows the work. During Golden Road,
Futoshi's guitar amp quit, and you can hear him just sort of fade away during a solo.
The rest of the band steps up after a short delay, and Futoshi comes back to finish
the song.