Afroman at the Concourse
Knoxville, TN 04-27-24
Audience 16bit Stereo 44.1khz

Stood in the middle of the crowd, center between the stacks. Loud audience and some talking nearby too.

iPhone 4 with Tascam iM2 mic mostly in my shirt pocket.
Captured with Twisted Wave App 16bit Stereo 44.1K Transferred to iTunes with File Share then Mastered with Cool Edit Pro (just some loud peaks dampened and yelling), and then enire recording normalized to 0 dbs and a fade added at start and the end). Tracked with CD Wave Editor. Flac created at level 8 (on boundaries) and Torrent and fingerprint made with TLH.

I may have some songs wrong, or didn't know the names so any help would be appreciated. Trade in lossless format only. Buy his music and merch!

Total Time: 75:38
01 Intro to Afroman
02 (Afroman warms up the crowd)
03 Baby I'm Bacc
04 Wet Tight Energy
05 Lemon Pound Cake
06 (Afroman talks to the crowd)
07 Sign My Titties
08 Afroman Likes Talkin'
09 Let's All Get Drunk
10 Hush
11 Palmdale
12 Just My Paranoia
13 Happy Birthday (short)
14 She Won't Let Me Fucc
15 Because I Got High
16 Afroman Raps (unknown rap- short)
17 (Afroman talks and tells jokes)
18 Crazy Rap (Colt 45 and 2 Zig Zags)