The B-52s
Montalvo Arts Center
Saratoga, CA
August 11, 2017

Taper: TheJackal
iPhone 5s voice memo app (audio quality set to "lossless") m4a format encoded at 1050 kbps > export to Dell Inspiron 13 > Roxio Creator 9 (tracking) export as FLAC´┐Ż
-Track 6 inadvertantly includes two songs (Summer of Love & 52 Girls). I was going to split it into 2 tracks with Audacity but upon playback the bit rate went from 1030kbps on the original to 692kbps on the split files... I don't know anything about this stuff but that sounds to me like a degradation of quality. As such I elected to leave the original 2-song track as-is.

Spring & Summer of Love 2017 Tour

Cosmic Thing
Private Idaho
Summer of Love / 52 Girls
Channel Z
Dance This Mess Around
Love Shack

Planet Claire
Rock Lobster

Another Jackal Production Vol 8: B-52s 2017-08-11 Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA
This was my first successful full concert capture. My earlier attempts resulted in some incomplete recordings because I was really just messing around shooting some video and realized the audio quality on those clips was actually not too bad. Unfortunately my work-provided iPhone 5 didn't have enough storage for more than about 30-45 minutes of video. Then I discovered the voice memo app on the iPhone, which can be set to lossless recording. After a couple hits & misses, I finally got it down & am generally pretty happy with the iPhone results. <<Well, that is until I discovered on a future recording that if you start shooting a video the voice memo recording cuts off without notification! >>

This was my second time seeing the B-52s. FUN, FUN FUN!! The venue is part of Villa Montalvo, an old estate & arboratum in the foothills on the San Jose side of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Access is through a residential neighborhood of million dollar homes. The show started precisely at 7:30 with no openers. With a 75-minute runtime, the riff-raff would be out of Saratoga at a reasonable hour! Having a 2:45 drive home to east of Sacramento I was thankful for the early curfew!

I've included a couple pics from the show taken with my crappy iPhone 5 & edited with PowerPoint.


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