Purple Bee Studio
Austin, TX

Source: Band Supplied SBD/Mix

Wav->Soundforge->CDwave->TLH->flac 16
tracked and transferred by discocape

01. intro/tuning
02. Columbian Girl
03. Les Coerurs en Peine (Almas Que Se Van)
04. Siente
05. Eclipse Solar
06. Surf Medley
07. banter
08. Tideflow
09. Heat Keeps On Risin'

This soundboard was relayed by the band in wav file format. In working on the 11/4/2023 Atrium Fort Collins
show we began exchanging filesets. As a result of that work the band has offered up 4 more unreleased SBD's;
3/18/2022, 11/2/2023 Velvet Elk, 11/2/2023 KGNU Studio, & 11/3/2024 Ophelia's.