Fort Collins, CO

Source 1: SBD->mogami xlr->zoom H8 @ 24/48
Source 2: km 183's (on stage, @ 7', 3' split over center stage)->mogami xlr->zoom H8 @ 24/48

CF->Fishdog Remaster in Ozone->source mixing->CD wave->TLH->flac16

taped, tracked, transferred by discocape
source remaster work by fishdog
thanks to Hunter for recording support

Set 1:
01. intro
02. All is One
03. Got Caught in Amsterdam
04. Ashes
05. Light It Up
06. Cosmic Boogie
07. Komorebi
08. Surf Medley
09. Bird Song

Set 2
01. Road to Laguna
02. In Lust
03. Third Stone from the Sun
04. Johanna's Dream
05. Eclipse Solar
06. Canoas
07. Cumbia Medley
08. Famagusta Port
09. Heat Keeps on Rising
10. Turkish Coffee
11. Colombian Girl

First Sold Out Show for BALTVHS

This band is a delight to listen to and work with. Go see them live!!!! They can really get a room moving!!!
New album out in July and a tour in August...

Thanks to the band for their willingness to allow recording and sharing. Much love to fishdog and his
skills to recover the soundboard as it had some challenges beyond my rank and file.
This recording as well as few others from this tour will be hitting etree and the archive to be enjoyed.

There is a partial video of this show found here, with a slightly different mix than this source.
I prefer this source to the youtube, and this is lossless.