Tomasz Stanko w/ Bobo STENSON 2005-09-03 Willisau, Switzerland

Tomasz Stanko w/ Bobo STENSON
(sep 3, 2005)
Jazzfestival Willisau
Willisau, Switzerland

fm recording aired by Swiss Radio DRS2
broadcasted 20
06-03-31 (#2-9)
broadcasted 2006-09-03 or 2006-09-04 (#1,10)
FM > minidisc > analogue to HD > GoldWave > flac

01. (fm intro) 2:45
02. Tales from A Girl (Stanko) 6:16
03. Come Sunday (D.Ellington) 10:07
04. So What (M.Davis) 7:56
05. Miniature (Stenson) 8:03
06. (Bobo talks)0:34
07. Solar (M.Davis) 7:02
08. (Bobo talks) 0:12
09. Morning Heavy Song (Stanko) 6:18
10. African Flower (D.Ellington) 9:05
11. Sleep Safe And Warm (K.Komeda) 4:59
12. (fm outro) 0:22
total time 63:48

Bo Gustav (Bobo) Stenson - piano
Tomasz Stanko - trumpet

a smaller portion of this concert was broadcasted during the live broadcasts on DRS 2, most probably on Saturday evening. These duo concerts (three per year) take place on Saturday afternoon, but DRS 2 is live on air for the evenings only (usually a couple of hours behind the actual events on stage). Thus the second source (#1,10 & duplicated tracks #2-4) are prob. from 2006-09-03.
Then later DRS does re-broadcasts of all concerts in their "Jazz Live" show, friday night, ca. 22:35-23:35 - that's the source of #2-9 & fm intro/outro.
My guess is that the above setlist is complete - usually these duo concerts are not as long. If anything is missing, that would be just one, maximum two short tunes. #10 being sort of a Stanko staple, it would have made a good encore, but I don't know for sure.

'Underwear' (1971)
'The Sounds Around The House' (1983)
'Very Early' (1986)
'Reflections' (1996)
'War Orphans' (1998)
'Serenity' (1999)
'Goodbye' (2005)
'Cantando' (2008)
'Indicum' (2012)
'Contra La Indecisi´┐Żn' (2018)
'Sphere' (2023)

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