Brian Setzer's Rockabilly Riot!
Crest Theatre
Sacramento, CA
June 3, 2018

Taper: TheJackal

source 1: iPhone 8 voice memo app M4A > Dell Inspiron 13 > Roxio Creator 9 FLAC:
Walk-on edit (cut some audience chit-chat from the original track for this post)
Put Your Cat Clothes On
Rumble in Brighton
Vinyl Records
Brian practicin'
Stray Cat Strut
Nothing Is a Sure Thing
Stiletto Cool
Cry Baby

source 2: Tascam DR-05 WAV > Dell Inspiron 13 > Roxio Creator 9 FLAC:
'49 Mercury Blues
What's Her Name?
Drive Like Lightning
Slow Down / Folsom Prison Blues
Gene & Eddie
guitar stuff
more guitar stuff
Runaway Boys
Jump, Jive an' Wail
Fishnet Stockings
Let's Shake

Sleep Walk
Rock This Town

Another Jackal Production Vol 13: Brian Setzer 2018-06-03 Crest Theatre, Sacramento, CA (Rockabilly Riot!)

This was the first show captured with my (now trusty) Tascam DR-05. As a backup I also recorded with my iPhone 8 using the voice memo app. I had the levels messed up on the new device and the first several songs recorded hot. I got it worked out about a half hour into the show. Good thing I had that backup!

This show rocks... I love Brian Setzer!

The set includes Folsom Prison Blues. Brian got a rousing ovation when he finished that one. I wonder if he knew that Folsom Prison was actually nearby? I live in Folsom a couple miles from the prison, which is about 25 miles east of Sacramento. The prison is located on prime real estate overlooking the American River Canyon... hmmmf. The Johnny Cash trail is on the prison's southern boundary.

As is my habit, I've included a couple pics from the show. Sorry for the poor quality; they were taken with my crappy iPhone 8.


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