Bruce Cockburn
Boulder Theater
Boulder, CO

Source: Sound Professionals BMC-12 > BatteryBox > Edirol R-07 @ 24/44.1 by Royboy
Master: Wavelab 11 (tracking, levels, Ozone 9 Maximizer Set I, fades) > FLAC 2441

Thanks to Royboy for taping

Set I
01. crowd
02. The Blues Got The World By The Balls
03. Soul Of A Man
04. The Whole Night Sky
05. How I Spent My Fall Vacation
06. Bone In My Ear
07. King of the Bolero
08. Push Comes To Shove
09. Strange Waters
10. All The Diamonds In The World
11. Orders
12. Last Night of the World

Set II
13. banter
14. Three Al Purdy's
15. States I'm In
16. Lord Of The Starfields
17. Stolen Land
18. To Keep The World We Know
19. Lovers In A Dangerous Time
20. banter
21. Wondering Where the Lions Are
22. If A Tree Falls
23. When You Arrive

24. Pacing The Cage
25. Into The Now
26. When The Spirit Walks In The Room

Each set was taped from a different location in the theater and as a result the first set was much quieter than the second, but the applause during second set was very loud. Each problem has been addressed and the recording hangs together much better now. Some dead air removed between songs as well.


--mhg :: 2024-05-16