Chuck Negron
Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY (USA)
July 12, 2000

Lineage: Maxell XLII 90 cassette of unknown generation (presumed master) > Tascam 202MKV > Edirol R09 (24/48) > Adobe Audition CC2020 (level boost/hiss reduction) > CD Wave Editor (track) > flac8

Recorded by: cannot be confirmed
Transfer & Tracking: Smores

1. (fades into) Celebrate
2. Eli's Coming [Laura Nyro]
3. It’s For You
4. Easy To Be Hard
5. Liar [Argent]
6. Nobody
7. Shambala [Daniel Moore]
8. -Robin Swenson organ solo-
9. Chest Fever [The Band]
10. -band intros-
11. An Old Fashioned Love Song [Paul Williams]
12. Out In The Country [Paul Williams]
13. Pieces Of April [Dave Loggins] > An Old Fashioned Love Song (cont'd)
14. The Family Of Man [Paul Williams]
15. Never Been To Spain [Hoyt Axton]
16. Mama Told Me Not To Come [Randy Newman]
17. One Man Band [Country Coalition]
18. The Show Must Go On [Leo Sayer] > Mama Told Me Not To Come (cont'd)
19. One [Harry Nilsson]
20. Celebrate
21. Joy To The World [Hoyt Axton]

notes: during track 16 it sounds like the recorder level got knocked, resulting in overdriven levels. It does not get corrected until just before track 20.

Chuck Negron
Robin Swenson
Terence Elliott
Frank Reina
Rich Campbell
Danny Mishkit

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