Generac Stage
Milwaukee, WI

St Cajetan
King of Bakersfield
Sweet Potato
Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)
Pictures of Matchstick Men (Status Quo cover)
Take the Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven cover)
Loser (Jerry Garcia cover)
Eurotrash Girl
Friends (Johnny Hickman song)

Roland R7 (onboard mics)
24 bit 48k, dithered to 16bit 44.1k

Recorded from about 8th row of left regular section (behind VIP pit), maybe 40-45 feet out from stage

So the guy on my left knew the guy on my right, I tried to scrub him as much as I could, he leaned over a few times and said something to him, thankfully it was mostly between songs. I actually cut the audio out as it was super annoying, for the most part only one of these cuts is even noticeable and again, it's in between songs.