David Bromberg Band
The Bottom Line
New York, NY

Source: AUD > C(x) by Chris Huron & Don Crandall
Transfer: C(x) (UCX-S90) > Nak Dragon > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz) > EZ CD Audio Converter > PCM @ 2496
Master: Wavelab 11 (tracking, fades, resample, Lin dither) > FLAC 1644

Thanks to Chris and Don for collecting the tape and lending it to be digitized and shared, and to Ted Mattes for facilitating

01. crowd
02. Get Uo And Go
03. Stealin'
04. Key To The Highway
05. Nobody's
06. banter - crowd
07. Loaded And Laid
08. Dark Hollow
09. Kansas City Here I Come
10. Don't Put That Thing On Me
11. Fiddle tunes
12. Sharon
13. Will Not Be Your Fool
14. Such A Night
15. Sweet Home Chicago

Late Show. Date confirmed by NY Magazine. There is some hiss on this tape, and the taper was sitting next to or maybe was one of a couple of chatty guys, but this performance does not seem to circulate. Bromberg talks about not having played with this lineup for six years (not that you could tell by listening) but he doesn't identify the musicians and it's not clear what he's referring to.


--mhg :: 2024-06-19

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