Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio
Evanston, Illinois, USA


Front left corner of stage

> Audio-Technica AT943 / Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 w/ 4.7k mod
> Roland R-07 (+60 gain, agc/limiter/roll-off disabled, 24-bit/88.2kHz WAV)
> 32GB SanDisk Extreme Endurance mSDHC

> MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 16.1.4 (Minor EQ, fades, saved-as 24-bit/88.2kHz WAV)
> CD Wave 1.98 (Tracking)
> TLH (FLAC Lvl. 8, FFP)

On this night, DLO3 was:
Sam Groveman - Drums
Delvon Lamarr - Hammond B3 w/ Leslie speaker
Josh Perdue - Guitar

Play Time - 01:47:17
Get Da Steppin'
-banter, band intros-
Raymond Brings the Greens
-mistimes/missed times: can Josh count to 5?-
The Horse @
Ain't It Funky Now #
Move On Up $
Things Ain't the Same %
Keep It Movin'
You Didn't Do It, She Did
Tacoma Black Party
Carelesss Whisper ^

@ Cliff Nobles & Company
# James Brown
$ Curtis Mayfield, with William DeVaughn's "Be Thankful for What You've Got" intro
% Composed for and in honor of Delvon's recently late dog, Booker T. Little
^ George Michael

Had a good time seeing these guys last August so I was pleased to see them back so soon and I
had to go. Shorter sets than last time but that's OK. They were playing in New Orleans the night
before and Delvon said they *drove* all the way up to Evanston, so I'm sure they were cooked.
Despite that, they put on good shows, and played a few different tunes including three new
ones, Things Ain't the Same, Keep It Movin', and You Didn't Do It, She Did. The whole trio
feels a lot more confident together after nine more months, and all the new tunes suggests
that Josh and Sam are starting to be part of the music making process, which I'm sure is a
huge boost for them.

The late show recording turned out rather nice. I was still off to the left but in front of
the stage than the side of it as I was at the early show. Although not as crystal clear like
the early show, Delvon's bass comes through more, and it's still plenty good besides. No kids
nearby this time around. Folks were getting up to dance at this show!

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