Dire Straits
Ippodromo delle Capannelle
Rome, Italy
July 8, 1983

Speed corrected revision of the "raw" (but unknown) source

Editing lineage: FLAC > MATLAB (edits) > Audacity (remove repeated audio) > TLH (align SB) > FLAC (L8)

01. Intro / Once Upon a Time in the West
02. Industrial Disease
03. Expresso Love
04. Romeo and Juliet
05. Love Over Gold
06. Private Investigations
07. Sultans of Swing
08. Twisting by the Pool
09. Two Young Lovers
10. Tunnel of Love
11. Telegraph road
12. Solid Rock
13. Going Home

Running time: 105:01

Mark Knopfler - guitar, lead vocals
John Illsley - bass guitar
Alan Clark - keyboards
Hal Lindes - rhythm guitar
Terry Williams - drums

Original Comments
Pretty good sound quality. I think Portobello Belle is missing from this recording.

Additional comments (2024)
This revision is based on the "raw" source of this recording. It is not the Enlight remaster.
According to Enlight's notes, he speed adjusted the entire recording by 1.67% when actually only
the first 5 tracks should have been adjusted by that amount.

From dime's history, longway74 seeded the raw version of this recording on April 11, 2014 from their
CD rips. While I don't have that version to compare, I believe it is the same audio as the "raw" source
that this is based upon, just different CD ripping lineage. I'm not sure where the audio originally
comes from. longway74 said that their CDs came from JvT (oneverybootleg), so perhaps that is the same
for this CD version. I was going to seed this raw, but the fixes were not very hard.

The revisions are as follows:
-Original audio was running fast, so speed adjusted by 1.6% for the first 5 tracks and 0.3%
for the remainder
-Phase corrected the channels by 4-5 samples
-Automatically balanced channel levels
-seamlessly removed 2 sections of a few seconds (each) of repeated audio between tracks 9 and 10
-no EQ or other processing
Ross (ledwhofloyd), July 2024