Fleetwood Mac
COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Falkoner Teatret 1968-11-17
grade B (vocals a bit boomy but guitars clear & upfront)
lineage: cdr trade (unknown gen) > EAC (secure mode) > Flac (level 8)

note: very slight tape mangle on track 6 @ 2:53-2:55

1.Jumping At Shadows
2.Rolling Man
3.Something Inside Of Me
4.Like It This Way
5.Got To Move
8.San Ho Say
9.Everyday I Have The Blues
10.My Baby's Sweet

Peter announces after tk7, that that is the end of set 1 and they
will resume after short break. This seems to indicate that
tks 8,9,10 are an incomplete 2nd set but all that was taped
(at least with this version).

uploaded by Earcandy on DIME site 17 MAY 06