Following on with part 2 of the make your Peter Green�s Fleetwood Mac BBC sessions complete we present 1969 to 70 as well as a correction.
Firstly we�re grateful to DocDondy ,LILPANDA, THE JOHNNY KIDD FAN CLUB ��..

1. Albatross (from 1968)
2. You'll Be Mine +
3. Roll Along Blues aka King Bee
4. Peggy Sue Got Married
5. New Morning Blues aka Milk Cow Blues
6. Shady Little Baby +
7. Hot Rodding aka What About Horses +
8. Interview--Green and Alexis
9. Good Morning Blues
10. Early Morning Come (version 2)
11. Linda (version 2)
12. World in Harmony
13. Tiger
14. Peter Green Interview

+ = 1st Gen tape from Doc Dondy. Wow!

Correction !!!
We have a correction. After listening to the version of Albatross on the various BBC Top Of The Pops Transcription discs
(the same version is used on each disc) we notice that it is different to the one featured on the official Live At The BBC collection.
The version on the official set is dated in the sleeve notes as from the October 1968 Radio 1 Club broadcast.
However, the BBC Top Of The Pops transcription version was issued in the weeks after the 1968 broadcast and weeks before the
second version was even recorded.
So�you need to place the enclosed version of Albatross with the October 9th tracks and move the official release version of
Albatross to the March 17th session included in this collection.

Alright............on with the show.

1969 March 10th -
You Never Know What You're Missing Till You Try / Blues With A Feeling / Heavenly / I Can't Believe You Wanna Leave /
Tallahassie Lassie / Early Morning Come
Transmitted in Top Gear on March 16th 1969 (tracks 1 to 4)
Transmitted in Top Gear on May 11th 1969 (tracks 1 to 3, 5 and 6)
Tracks 1 - 6 on Live At The B.B.C.

1969 March 17th -
You�ll Be Mine / Roll Along Blues / Peggy Sue Got Married / Albatross / Shady Little Baby / Hot Rodding
/ New Worried Blues / Interview / Good Morning Blues

Tracks 5,6,7,8,9 feature various Mac members alongside Alexis Korner and / or Duster Bennett. The interview (brief chat) is Brian Bathtubes, Peter and Alexis Korner.
Transmitted in Symonds On Sunday March 23rd 1969 (tracks 1 to 4)
Transmitted in Symonds On Sunday March 30th 1969 (tracks 5 to 7)
Track 4 on Live At The BBC (but credited to 9th October 1968).
Track 8 and 9 Included on BBC Top Of The Pops Transcription Disc no. 230 along with brief chat with Peter Green and Alexis Korner

This session has thrown up a problem or two. As noted, the version of Albatross on Live At The BBC seems to come from this session and not the October 1968 Radio 1 Club. The track was included on two BBC Transcription discs that were issued weeks after the Radio 1 Club session was recorded and months before the March 1969 version. The transcription disc version is different from the one on Live At The BBC but must come from the 1968 session which means (unless there�s a third undocumented version) that the official cd contains the later March 17th 1969 performance.
The rest of the tracks (bar Roll Along Blues) come from various collectors tapes and cd�s except the interview and Good Morning Blues which come from a BBC transcription disc.
Roll Along Blues has never surfaced. The composer credit is �Slim Harpo� but there doesn�t appear to be a song called Roll Along Blues associated with him. What we do have is King Bee (written by Slim Harpo) which has appeared on different tapes and cds in different places though one tape places it with the rest of this session. The track is of similar length to that credited to Roll Along Blues (3.10) but there is disagreement as to whether this even features any of Fleetwood Mac at all. Some have suggested Jeremy sings the main vocal in lower register than usual for him and Peter supplies the harmony. We have included it here but listeners are encouraged to debate this one.

1969 May 14th -
All Over Again / Talk With You / Just Want To Tell You
Transmitted in Rhythm and Blues June 2 1969 (BBC World Service)
No tape known to exist.
Just Want To Tell You has an �unknown composer� credit.

1969 June 10th -
Early Morning Come / Man Of The World / Jumping At Shadows / Linda
Transmitted in Chris Grants Tasty Pop Sundae June 15th 1969
Track 1 on BBC Top Of The Pops transcription disc
Track 2 lost / destroyed / missing
Tracks 3 and 4 on Live At The BBC
It was only recently discovered that the version of Early Morning Come is a different version from the earlier Top Gear performance. The disappointment of the song being introduced as Coming Your Way and not being that missing BBC track led to collectors switching their ears off. However, though Coming Your Way is listed on the BBC paperwork, this version of Early Morning Come times in at 2.26 as Coming Your Way is listed. It would seem that the person noting the session tracks for the BBC was given the wrong title. Maybe the band changed their minds at the last minute about what they were going to play ?
So that�s one track uncovered but unfortunately we lose a track as no BBC Radio version of Man Of The World has surfaced. The version featured on Live At The BBC and elsewhere is in fact taken from the BBC Television show Top Of The Pops. This version was recorded from the television broadcast on April 10th and repeated several times by Transcription Services. When it came time for the songs from this session to be chosen for the transcription radio Top Of The Pops, the other three tracks were selected quite probably as Man Of The `World had already been broadcast many times.

1969 October 6th -
Oh Well Pt 1 / Although The Sun Is Shining / Linda
Transmitted in D.L.T. October 12th 1969
Tracks 1 and 2 on Live At The BBC
Track 3 on BBC Top Of The Pops transcription disc
Included on transcription disc Top Of The Pops 259, all three tracks survive.
As with Early Morning Come, the alternate version of Linda was missed by many collectors but it is indeed a different version from the June 1969 take.

(BBC Top Of The Pops transcription disc 263 has an excerpt from an interview with Peter Green by Keith Altham.)

1970 April 9th -
Under Way (actually Rattlesnake Shake with Underway) / Stranger Blues / Phyllis (actually World In Harmony) / Tiger / The Green Manalishi / Coming Your Way / Great Balls Of Fire / Twist and Shout
Transmitted in Fleetwood Mac In Concert with David Symonds April 19th 1970 and Sounds of the Seventies April 22nd 1970
Tracks 1 to 8 on Showbiz Blues
Various technical issues make a bootleg or proper release of this outstanding show very desirable.

1970 April 27th -
Sandy Mary / World In Harmony / Tiger / Only You / Leaving Town Blues (listed as Leaving Here Blues)
Transmitted in Top Gear May 23rd 1970 (tracks 1 to 5)
Tracks 1 and 4 on Live At The BBC
Track 5 on Showbiz Blues
Interview with Peter Green included on BBC Top Of The Pops transcription disc

Coming VERY soon: Major sound upgrades to many of the 1968 BBC tracks!