Fleetwood Mac
January 4, 1970
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA

Combined from 3 different unknown lineage audience sources.
Sound quality is good, especially when compared
with other 1970 audience recordings.

01 Crowd noise & announcer intro
02 Canot Stop Loving
03 I Like It This Way
04 All Over Again
05 Stop Messin A Round
06 Loving Kind
07 Baby Please Set A Date
08 Rattlesnake Shake - Underway
09 Oh Well
10 Madison Blues
11 Jenny Jenny
12 Oh Suzanna
13 Twist & Shout
14 Peter Green thank you's & talk about S.F. before encore
15 Long Tall Sally
16 Thank you's after first encore & crowd noise
17 Teenage Dream

Notes on edits of the 3 different CD sources:
The primary source just seeded here is the longest and best
sound quality, but fades between songs and is missing the last 2 songs.
The applause between songs and extra encores have been restored from
the alternate sources. The sound quality changes a bit, but the transitions
are smooth and I think that it all sounds good together.

CD extraction with Toast Titanium > Pro Tools > AIFF. FLAC files (level 8)
created with xACT with sector boundaries verified.