Happy Together Tour at Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, MA, June 23, 2024, audience recording.

This was recorded with Zoom H2 with internal mics, on the low mic gain setting. H2 lined into computer by USB, wav sent to Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 12. Magix program was used for track markings, volume boost, edits, and before and after set noise removal. Flac created with Trader's Little Helper, SBE and torrent work also done with TLH.

Track listing:
Set One
01 - Shadow Stevens intro
02 - The Cowsills intro - The Rain, The Park, And Other Things
03 - We Can Fly
04 - Indian Lake
05 - stage chat
06 - Love American Style
07 - Hair
08 - Joey Molland intro
09 - Baby Blue
10 - stage chat
11 - Come And Get It
12 - stage chat
13 - Day After Day
14 - No Matter What
15 - The Vogues intro
16 - Five O'Clock World
17 - My Special Angel
18 - stage chat
19 - Turn Around, Look At Me
20 - You're The One
Set Two
01 - The Association intro - Windy
02 - stage chat
03 - Never My Love
04 - stage chat
05 - Cherish
06 - stage chat
07 - Along Comes Mary
08 - Jay And The Americans intro - Only In America
09 - She Cried
10 - stage chat
11 - Cara Mia
12 - stage chat
13 - Come A Little Bit Closer
14 - stage chat
15 - This Magic Moment
16 - The Turtles intro - She'd Rather Be With Me
17 - You Baby
18 - stage chat
19 - It Ain't Me Babe
20 - stage chat
21 - Sugar Sugar
22 - Eleanor
23 - Happy Together
24 - End Medley

This came out pretty nice. This show was actually date night, but I couldn't leave the recorder at home. We had fun! Anyway, I was in the very last row, a little to our right from the center. There are two or three occasions where I set the recorder on the seat in front of me for a few minutes, but it doesn't seem to adveresly affect the listening experience. Otherwise, I'm holding the recorder. There are a few clunks and can crinkles heard, but it's mostly pretty solid. My wife and I sang along at times, as well as a few other attendees in our area, but I'm not hearing much of it. I did edit out the empty space between acts, which works out well. I was a little late in starting my recorder for set two, so the Shadow Stevens intro is already in progress. If it wasn't clear, the artists are all a few members of each act, all backed by the same band. The band was proficient, though I have a few gripes listening back, mostly with the keyboards, and the backing band guitar being louder than Joey Molland's. I was really impressed by the Cowsills. The Turtles was kind of a stretch, being just Mark Volman and Ron Dante. It was cool that Ron Dante did one Archies song - he shoulda done a few more. But, in support of Mark Volman, I'm glad he was there. At the end of the show, there is a medley where all of the acts return for a brief bit of one of the songs they played. It was pretty awesome to see all of 'em on stage together, and a cool way to wrap up the night. I included a few cellphone photos of each act. They are blurry, but mostly serve as an idea of what it was like.