Jason Marsalis
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
WWOZ Jazz Tent
New Orleans, La.
April 27, 2024

(This show was broadcast several days later, on May 2, 2024.)

01. radio intro 0:22
02. Air Mail Special 4:24
03. Sweet Sue Just You 6:43
04. Memories of You 5:34
05. I Found a New Baby 7:50
06. Oneness 4:44
07. Chapter One 6:23
08. Tell Me 7:36
09. band intro -> Powell's Place 2:26

Total: 46:06

source: WWOZ-FM > Yamaha TX-900 vintage tuner > Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd generation) audio interface > USB > MacBook Air (M1 2020, OSX 14.4.1) > SoX > flac (44.1 kHz, 16bit) > iZotope RX 10 Advanced v10.4.0.1926 (see editing notes below) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.55 (tagged, sector boundaries repaired) > flac

Editing notes:
* For some inexplicable reason, when WWOZ finally broadcast this performance five days later, the songs were broadcast out of order. The final two songs of the broadcast were actually performed after I Found a New Baby (track 5). I moved the songs back into the correct running order. The track numbers referenced below are the *current* track numbers after the moves;
* Track 3 ended abruptly (during applause) when playback was paused for this delayed broadcast. When playback resumed, WWOZ faded in the next song (skipping an unknown amount of time between songs. I added a crossfade from Track 3 into the pre-song introduction for track 4 and removed one second of silence;
* Playback was again paused by WWOZ after Track 5 and the applause was faded down; then two seconds of silence were inserted and the next song was faded up. However, this is where two songs were removed (by WWOZ) and moved to the end of the performace (for broadcast).
* I spliced in what had been the final two songs of the broadcast after Track 5 (a total of 11:33) and crossfaded the applause from Track 5 into applause and stage banter that precedes what is now Track 6, "Oneness". This splice occurs about 25 seconds before Track 6;
* After splicing in what is now Tracks 6 and 7, I removed a station ID that had been inserted before what's now Track 8 (Tell Me) and crossfaded the applause from Track 7 into Jason's introduction to Track 8;
* A -45db notch filter was used to remove the 19kHz FM pilot tone; and
* The entire recording was normalized by 1.51 db then the left channel was boosted another 0.49 db, leaving about 0.10 db head room.

Jason Marsalis was scheduled to play the WWOZ Jazz Tent from 1:30 p.m. to 2:25 p.m. on the first Saturday of the 2024 Jazzfest. The broadcast of the performance was delayed five days, until Thursday, May 2, 2024.
This over-the-airwaves FM broadcast was recorded (and edited) by Richard Russell (nolataper) in New Orleans. It is not from the online mp3 live stream.

As noted above, during the playback of this performance for broadcast, whether intentionally or not, the songs were out of order. During the broadcast, the final two songs were Oneness and Chapter One. But during the performance, they were actually followed by Tell Me and Powell's Place.

An electrical buzz is present for most of the recording. Generally it's not intrusive.

Jason Marsalis, vibraphone
Oscar Rossignoli, piano
Jason Stewart, bass
Gerald Watkins Jr., drums
Marly Marsalis, piano (on at least one song)