Joe Bonamassa, Scullers Jazz Club, Boston, MA 2005-02-24 (Early & Late Show)

Taper : Unknown

Editing : Joe D'Amico ''AKA'' Joebeacon

Sony Ecm 909A Stereo Mic > Sony D8

Sony D8 > Philips 785 CD Recorder > EAC'd > CD Wav > Flac > Adobe Audition > Ozone > Traders Little Helper

Setlist : Early Show :
01-You Upset Me Baby
02-Blues Deluxe
03-The River
04-Takin' The Hit
05-Mountain Time
06-Wild About You Baby
07-Burnin' Hell
08-Stage Banter
09-Pain & Sorrow
10-Woke Up Dreaming

Late Show :
01-You Upset Me Baby
02-Reconsider Baby
03-Takin' The Hit
04-Mountain Time
05-Wild About You Baby
06-Burnin' Hell
07-Stage Banter
08-Woke Up Dreaming
09-Had To Cry Today > Heart Of The Sunrise > Starship Trooper (The Wurm)
10-I Dont Live Anywhere