John Fogerty
Freedom Mortgage Pavilion
Camden, NJ
June 7, 2024

Source : iPhone 14 with built in mic using Motiv App. (wave 16/44) (Recorded by george14k)

Transfer : USB to RCA line feed into a TDK Standalone CD burner

Editing : CD wave editor (tracking) > Sound Forge (volume) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - July 4, 2024

posted by kingrue upload #4030

On the bill this night was George Thorogood and John Fogerty
along with his son's band Hearty Har which were also John�s backing band.

Total Time = 01:26:22

Set list
01 Intro
02 Bad Moon Rising
03 Up Around the Bend
04 Green River
05 Born on the Bayou
06 Gloria w/George Thorogood
07 John Talks
08 Who'll Stop the Rain
09 Lookin' Out My Backdoor
10 Rock and Roll Girls
11 Hot Rod Heart
12 John Talks
13 Joy of My Life
14 John Talks
15 Fight Fire
16 Keep on Chooglin
17 Band Intros
18 Have You Ever Seen the Rain
19 Centerfield
20 Down on the Corner
21 Old Man Down the Road
22 Fortunate Son
23 John Talks
24 Travelin' Band
25 Proud Mary

Band line-up
John Fogerty (guitar, vocals)
Shane Fogerty (guitar, backing vocals)
Tyler Fogerty (guitar, backing vocals)
Jesse Wilson (bass)
Richard Millsap (drums)
Nick Stratton (guitar)
Douglas Lamothe (keyboard)