John Mellencamp
Massey Hall, Toronto, ON.

(Partial show not complete, see song list)

Roland R-09 - Core Sound High End Binaurals
Recorded and edited by BurnBoy

*** 24 bit version available upon request ***

01 - Introduction.flac
02 - Authority Song.flac
03 - No One Cares About Me.flac
04 - Death Letter (Son House cover).flac
05 - John Cockers.flac
06 - Walk Tall.flac
07 - The West End.flac
08 - Check It Out.flac
09 - John Speaks.flac
10 - Save Some Time to Dream.flac
11 - John Speaks.flac
12 - Cherry Bomb Acoustic Version).flac
13 - John Speaks.flac
14 - Don't Need This Body.flac
15 - Right Behind Me (Cut Short Fades Out).flac
Not Included
Jackie Brown
Longest Days
Easter Eve
Jack & Diane
Small Town
Rain on the Scarecrow
Paper in Fire
The Real Life
What If I Came Knocking
If I Die Sudden
No Better Than This
Pink Houses
R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.

This could be around the time my r-09 recorder needed replacement.


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