Johnny Thunders(with Walter Lure & Sylvain Sylvain)
Irving Plaza,
New York
April 13,1985

A great audience tape from this 1985 show but a lot of work on it.
Great setlist and a lot of chats between songs.It's a mix of acoustic and electric songs.
The crowd is very hot on this one,incredible show!!!
I hope you 'll like it.

*I retracked almost all the songs and level adjusted too with Sound Forge 9.
*I repaired also the track 18-cd2(it was cut in two part).
*Sbe's aligned with TLH.


disc #1
1. Sylvain Sylvain introduces Johnny
2. Pipeline
3. Blame It On Mom
4. �talking/tuning
5. Too Much Junkie Business
6. I Love You
7. So Alone
8. Talkin� ABout You/Green Onions
9. Do You Love Me? (W/false starts)
10. "What do you think of Walter Lure"/One Track Mind
11. Seven Day Weekend

Disc #2
1. Joey
2. Eve Of Destruction
3. The Wizard
4. Play With Fire (unfinished)
5. Sad Vacation
6. You Can�t Put Your Arms Around A Memory
7. Hurt Me
8. You Gotta Lose
09. Blank Generation
10. Talk>"I met her at the pizzeria"
11. I Wanna Be Loved
12. In Cold Blood
13. Just Because I�m White
14. Born To Lose
15. Chinese Rocks(Problem tape around 3'15)
16. �applause/talk
17. 14th Street Beat
18. Great Big Kiss
19. Gloria//(cuts off, tape runs out)

Notes: Some tape phasing at the start.

Disc 2, tracks 1-7 are acoustic,
tracks 7, 8 & 09 feature Richard Hell,
track 17 features Sylvain Sylvain,
tracks 14, 17 & 18 feature Buddy Bowser

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