Jonathan Richman

November 14, 2016
Carrboro, NC, USA
Cat's Cradle - Back Room

Jonathan Richman - Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Larkins - Drums

1. intro
2. No One Was Like Vermeer
3. That Summer Feeling
4. We Want To Take You Higher
5. Old World
6. SA
7. People Are Disgusting
8. La Fiesta Es Para Todos
9. I Was Dancin' In The Lesbian Bar
10. Egyptian Reggae
11. The Fenway
12. Let Me Do This Right!
13. We Had A Fight Last Night
14. Take Me To The Plaza
15. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
16. inst
17. When We Refuse To Suffer
18. I Love This Sad World
19. inst
20. Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow
21. Le Printemps Des Amoreux Est Venue
22. La Festa e Galactica
23. These Bodies That Came To Cavort
24. Egyptian Reggae
25. These Bodies That Came To Cavort