Kinky Friedman w/ The Village Irregulars
Paradiso ( main hall, seated)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
19th May 2008

Little Jewford- keyboards
DC Washington Ratso- guitar

Kinky Friedman, with musical friends, Little Jewford and Washington Ratso, made a stop in Amsterdam during their European tour.
It was ten years that Friedman and friends played the Netherlands.
Due to touring expense and his hectic schedule in the US, it's not clear yet if Kinky will make it back
across the ocean for another tour for some years to come, so having been at this show was very special.

This was no ordinary musical show; it was over the top entertainment!
The show was cabaret-style, featuring lots of music by great musicians.
In addition to Kinky's classic songs, Kinky read passages from his latest book,
"You Can Lead A Politician To Water But You Can't Make Him Think,
Ten Commandments For Texas Politics"
The book chronicles his adventures along the campaign trail and shares uncensored thoughts on what's
wrong with government and how it can be fixed.

After the show a signing session took place in the foyer, where Kinky signed anything except bad legislation.
Unfortunately CD's and T-shirts were sold out quickly and I did not manage to get something to be signed.
Fortunately I have a better souvenir: this recording!

Audience recording: DPA4061-> MPS6020-> Edirol R9 [16bit/44.1kHz]
SoundForge 8.0 ( volumes,fades, NO NORMALIZATION)-> CDWave ( track splits)-> TLH flac 8 & checksum

Disc 1
01. We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To You
02. Ramblin' Boy [ Tom Paxton]
03. Band intros
04. Autograph
05. Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In The Bed
06. Sold American
07. Jambalaya ( vocals DC Washington Ratso) [ Hank Williams]
08. Homo Erectus
09. Banter
10. Silver Eagle Express
11. Georgia On A Fast Train ( vocals DC Washington Ratso) [ Billy Joe Shaver]
12. Amelia Earhart's Last Fight
13. Red Headed Irishman ( instrumental by Ratso) [ traditional]
14. Banter
15. Maple Leaf Rag (instrumental by Little Jewford) [ Scott Joplin]
16. Book reading

Disc 2
01. Ride 'Em Jewboy
02. Rapid City, South Dakota
03. Old Man Lucas
04. Banter
05. Waitret, Please Waitret
06. Song intro
07. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes [ Peter LaFarge]
08. Asshole From El Paso
09. Banter
10. Marilyn And Joe
11. Song intro
12. Pretty Boy Floyd [ Woody Guthrie]

Recorded, transferred and shared on Dime by scdegraaf

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