Kinky Friedman & Little Jewford
w/ Washington Ratso
Het Patronaat (small hall)
Haarlem, Netherlands

2nd October 2009

DPA4061-> HQSS2404-> CA-9100 w/DPA microdots-> Edirol R-09HR (48kHz/24bit)
Eq, volumes, fades and dithering to 16-bit/44.1kHz with SoundForge 9.0
Track splits CDWave, encoded to flac 8 & checksum with TLH
Flac files tagged with FooBar2000

A Dutchbird production (recording, mastering and covers)

The year before Kinky Friedman had a show at the Paradiso.
It was his first show in the Netherlands after a long time abstence.
We thought his next visit would take a long time again, but here he was again.
The show was more or less the same as last year. This time Kinky read a passage from his latest book
"Heroes of a Texas Childhood" and talked about his upcoming campaign as governor for Texas.

01. Introduction-> Before All Hell Breaks Loose
02. Talk on politics-> song intro
03. Nashville Casualty And Life
04. Amelia Earhart's Last Fight [ Red River Dave McEnery ]
05. Marilyn And Joe
06. Homo Erectus
07. Band intros-> song intro
08. Red Headed Irishman ( instrumental by Ratso) [ traditional] * aka The Old Tobacco Box (There Was an Old Soldier)
09. Sold American
10. When The Saints Go Marchin' In (instrumental by Jewford)[ traditional]
11. Jambalaya ( vocals DC Washington Ratso) [ Hank Williams]
12. Song intro
13. Wild Man From Borneo
14. Talk on politics and heroes-> book intro
15. "The Navigator"(passage from book Heroes of a Texas Childhood)
16. Maple Leaf Rag (instrumental by Little Jewford) [ Scott Joplin ]
17. Rapid City, South Dakota
18. Song intro
19. Georgia On A Fast Train ( vocals DC Washington Ratso) [ Billy Joe Shaver]
20. Ramblin' Boy [ Tom Paxton]
21. Song intro
22. The Ballad Of Ira Hayes [ Peter LaFarge]
23. Asshole From El Paso
24. Ride 'Em Jewboy

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