The Iridium Jazz Club
December 22, 2012
New York City, NY, USA
(2nd set)

Track00 - Welcome to The Iridium 01:41
Track01 - Edge of the Sword 09:51
Track02 - Reunion 07:19
Track03 - Gadd-Ddagit! 10:05
Track04 - Mercy in the Wind 10:29
Track05 - Farfalle 05:24
Track06 - Doesn't She Know by Now 10:08
Track07 - Love Play 15:24
Track08 - UT 09:38

Mike Mainieri - Vibes.
David Spinozza - Guitar.
Warren Bernhardt - Keyboards.
Steve Gadd - Drums.
Tony Levin - Stick, Bass.

Notes: This show was sent to me on two cds with the break occurring between tracks 5 and 6. Track 6 includes Warren Bernhardt's
announcement before the song begins. I also cut a couple minutes off the beginning of the recording as there was background music
playing that is almost certainly copyrighted. This recording does have some extraneous noises scattered throughout due to the
preamp issues amarilio's gear has been suffering.

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