Worthy Farm,Piton,England
June 17 1983

CND Fest
Citizens For Nuclear Disarmendmant

From The (Fish) box o Marillion
Really Marillion Tapes are stored in a box that used to contain frozen fish.

Aud Tape Onkyo TA 2600 Deck>Tascam 680 @24/48>Sound Forge pro 11 A bit of hiss reduction>CDWave tracked and Flac 5 >TLH

Received this many decades ago I dont belive I even Listened to it really It's labled as a Soundboard however I have come to the conclusion
is just a very uppfront audiance as if you listen very hard(the tune will come to...) wait off track but I bet alot of you got the song in your head. So back to my point you can hear a bit of distant chatter which leads me to belive this is an audiance recording.

1 Intro
2 Garden Party
3 Charting The Single
4 Script For A Jesters Tear
5 Assassing
6 Chealsea Monday
7 He Knows You Know
8 Market Square Heroes