Mem Shannon and the Membership
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
Blues Tent
New Orleans, La.
April 25, 2024

(this show was broadcast the next day, April 26)

01. stage intro 0:09
02. Mr. Blues 5:15
03. Rock Me Baby 6:44
04. Ain't No Sunshine 7:43
05. Little Red Rooster 5:46
06. Angel of Mercy 7:13
07. Black Cat Bone 6:44
08. band intro 0:47
09. Snatching It Back (?) 5:03
10. Six Pack of Blues 5:51

Total: 51:20

source: WWOZ-FM > Yamaha TX-900 vintage tuner > Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (2nd generation) audio interface > USB > MacBook Air (M1 2020, OSX 14.4.1) > SoX > flac (44.1 kHz, 16bit) > iZotope RX 7 v7.00.218 (see editing notes below) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.55 (tagged, sector boundaries repaired) > flac

Editing notes:
* A 1.5-second gap in playback was removed at 4:55 into track 2;
* A split-second glitch at 5:12 into track 3 was removed;
* a 3.5-second repeated section (including 0.5 seconds of silence between the repeated sections) was removed at 6:25 into track 3. The volume of the repeated section was louder than the original, so I reduced the right channel by 3 db and the left channel by 4.5 db to match the original;
* At 6:31 into track 3, the applause ends abruptly and was followed by dead air, so the last 1.5 seconds of applause was faded down;
* Also at 6:31 into Track 3 (after the previous edit where applause was faded down), there was another repeated section and about 8 seconds of noise and static. I removed this and faded up the next section. I inserted one second of silence between sections;
* During the broadcast, Track 4 was faded down at 7:07 then there was a 17-second station ID and static/silence. I removed the 17 seconds and inserted a half second of silence before the recording fades back up;
* A gap in playback of 1.7 seconds at 5:33 into Track 5 was closed up;
* At 7:04 into Track 6, playback was paused and there was a station ID for about 17.5 seconds. I removed the station ID announcements;
* A 1-second pause in the recording playback (silence) was removed at 6 seconds into Track 8;
* Another 1-second pause in playback occurred at 2.5 seconds into Track 9. I closed up the gap;
* At 4:58 into Track 9, a DJ did a station ID over the end of the song. This was followed by a 65-second canned ID. I faded down the live DJ and trimmed out 76 seconds of announcements and silence/static;
* A -30db notch filter was used to remove the 19kHz FM pilot tone; and
* The entire recording was normalized by 1.39 then the left channel was boosted another 0.36 db, leaving about 0.10 db head room.

Mem Shannon and the Membership were scheduled to play the Blues Tent from 3 p.m. to 3:55 p.m. on the first Thursday of the 2024 Jazzfest. The set was broadcast the next day by WWOZ-FM.

This over-the-airwaves FM broadcast was recorded by Richard Russell (nolataper) in New Orleans. It is not from the online mp3 live stream.