Moody Blues
Wang Center
Boston, MA

Source: Senn ME-80 (front row balcony) > TCD-D3 by Dr. B. Fried
Transfer: MDAT > Fostex D-15 > Tascam DA-3000 > WAV @ 16/48
Master: Wavelab 11 (tracking, levels, fades, de-clip initial applause) > FLAC 1648

Thanks to Doc Fried for taping and lending his tape to be transferred, and to Dan Rogosa for facilitating

01. Intro >
02. Lovely To See You
03. Gemini Dream
04. Tuesday Afternoon
05. I Know You're Out There
06. Golden Rule
07. Bless The Wings That Bring You Back
08. Lean On Me
09. Say It With Love
10. Story In Your Eyes
11. Dreams
12. Isn't Live Strange
13. The Other Side Of Life
14. I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)
15. Nights In White Satin
16. Legend Of A Mind
17. crowd - band intros
18. Question

19. Ride My See Saw

Another great recording from the edge of the balcony. Enjoy!

--mhg :: 2024-05-16