North Mississippi Allstars
Sony Centre, Toronto

Roland R-09 - Core Sound High End Binaurals
(Opened For Robert Plant and the Band of Joy)

01 - Sitting on Top of the World (Mississippi Sheiks cover).flac
02 - Mean Ol' Wind Died Down.flac
03 - All Night Long (Junior Kimbrough & The Soul Blues Boys cover).flac
04 - Poor Black Mattie (R.L. Burnside cover).flac
05 - Boogie.flac
06 - Instrumental.flac
07 - Skinny Woman (R.L. Burnside cover).flac
08 - Instrumental.flac
09 - Lay My Burdon Down.flac


My aim is to post all of my recordings starting at the beginning in late 2001 up until the most recent starting at the beginning. Please check "The Boring Stuff.txt" file to see if you can provide me with a copy of my missing files.

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