Pat Metheny Group

�The Song Book Tour, Europe 2010�

Duisburg, Germany Kraftzentrale
�Traumzeit�-Festival Landschaftspark Duisburg

Pat Metheny w/ Lyle Mays, Steve Rodby and Antonio Sanchez

Location: about 10 meters away from the stage, a little bit more left than centre

Lineage: Sony MZ - N1 plus Sony ECM-719 microphones
>AUDACITY>CD Wave Editor>Trader's Little Helper: Flac level 6

Please help me out with the setlist:
I marked some trax with X because I am not sure or I do not have this songs on CD.
The X-marked songs were played in Budapest/June-30 and/or Warszawa/July-02,
I hope I am right.

CD1 58:25
1 Phase Dance
2 Have You Heard
3 Jaco
4 X Into the dream or
X To the end of the world
5 This is not America
6 X James
7 X Expansions
8 Are You Going With Me?

CD2 66:16
1 X Farmer's Trust
2 Last Train Home
3 Picasso guitar improvisation
4 X So May It Secretly Begin
5 Here to Stay
6 X Lone Jack
7 Minuano
Encore 2:
8 Extradition